Archive 2022

Changes Dec 13, 2022

  • Minor redesign of Sensitivity screens

  • New manufacturer specific parts are available

    • Caleffi HIU : SATK32107

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes Nov 30, 2022

  • Redesign of the menubar
    The buttons to start design calculations or simulations have been moved from the submenu to the main menu

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes Nov 15, 2022

  • Redesigned Model Explorer (to create and open models)

  • New manufacturer specific parts are available

    • SWEP heat exchanger series : B8DW, B220H, B220M, B220L, B120T

  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

Changes Nov 1, 2022

Changes Oct 18, 2022

Changes Oct 4, 2022 

  • New keyboard shortcuts
    (an overview of all keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Operations menu)

    • Ctrl+G : Toggle greyscale floor plan 

    • Ctrl+S : Save model 

    • Alt+S : Simulate model 

    • N : toggle next library/layer

    • P : toggle previous library/layer

  • Some minor UI improvements and bug fixes

Changes Sep 20, 2022 

  • Text labels on canvas can now contain multiple lines

  • New parameter for zones: G-value of windows

  • New look for logon screen

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes Sep 6, 2022 

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Some UI improvements

Changes Aug 23, 2022 

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes Aug 9, 2022 

  • Heat Pumps that go into safety mode during a simulation, will automatically be reset and resume operation after 1 hour

    • Warnings, Errors and graphs are provided to notify users when this occurs

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes Jul 26, 2022 

  • Updated default values for carbon emission factor of electricity in Pareto

  • Updated visuals for Set Point Type Distribution parameter

  • Updated visuals for UA parameterization for heat exchangers and HIUs

Changes Jul 12, 2022 

  • Streamlined Regime parameters with similar representation and feedback

  • Pareto Analysis excel export now also includes data from Investment and Comfort reports

  • New part catalog criteria and selected part details for selected elements

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes Jun 29, 2022 

  • Improved login experience : Smarter session limit detection, improved feedback on errors

  • Improved Floor Loop Temperature Regime configuration help

  • Minor visual improvements

Changes Jun 14, 2022 

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes May 31, 2022 

  • Users can enable MFA on their account for additional security. More information can found on our wiki.

  • Our default COP and power table for heat pumps has been updated to reflect the present-day situation.

  • It is again possible to filter when doing a part selection in the part catalog.

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes May 17, 2022 

  • Added history window to investigate changes and differences within previous versions of your model
    See Functional questions#How-can-I-track-and-analyse-the-history-of-changes-within-a-model? for more info

  • Login behavior has changed

    • If you open additional browser tabs, you will be automatically logged in.

    • If you mark 'Keep me logged in', you will even be logged in automatically after a browser restart (for up to 30 days)

  • Some minor bug fixes

  • Some minor restyling for the Pareto wizard and detail pages

Changes May 3, 2022 

  • Dutch translations added for the Pareto detail views

  • Restyled part selection and report dialog

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes Apr 19, 2022 

  • improved and restyled the model settings dialog

  • improved and restyled the pipe selection dialog

  • Just like radiators and pipes, it is now possible to assign production units and heatpumps to a zone.
    All thermal losses of these units will be taken into account for the calculation the thermal behavior of the room and it's temperature.
    In the future all base circuits will become zone assignable, as zone assignment will be an interesting feature for the upcoming Hysopt BIM Feeder.
    For more information on how to configure the location and which ambient temperature is used for calculation of the thermal losses,
    see Heat pump#Which-ambient-temperature-is-used-for-heatpump-thermal-losses?

  • We started documenting diversity and aggregation in large detail on the Hysopt user Wiki, including explanations of all individual standards.
    See Diversity and Aggregation

Changes Mar 25, 2022 

  • Some cosmetic improvements (unit settings, sensitivity analysis)

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes Mar 11, 2022

  • Improved simulation window with fast search functionality of weather profiles

  • We added graph visualisation of temperature difference (delta T), and calculation of volume weighted temperature difference on sensor base circuits

  • Some cosmetic improvements

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes Feb 25, 2022

  • We removed the time limit of 30 seconds on Pareto analyses

  • Some cosmetic improvements

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes Feb 11, 2022

  • We added support for following imperial units:

    • psi (pounds per square inch) for pressure

    • ft (feet) for pump head

    • gpm (gallons per minute) for volume flow

    • gal (gallons) for volume

    • BTU/h (British thermal unit per hour) for power

    • lb (pound) for mass

  • Cosmetic improvements to the login process

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes Jan 28, 2022

  • Some minor bug fixes and security updates

Changes Jan 14, 2022

  • New input dialog for setpoint profiles in room controllers and setpoint generators

  • Some minor bug fixes and security updates