Archive 2021

Changes 23 Dec 2021

  • It's now possible to change the mouse button used to pan the canvas, and match it with tooling like Autodesk AutoCad or Autodesk Revit. To do this, go to the user settings in the upper right corner () and open the user settings window :

  • We added electricity and fuel meter boxes to measure the electricity and/or fuel consumption, production, import and export over multiple base circuits, multiple canvasses, and over a full model. More info can be found here : Meter boxes

  • We added a new Base Circuit "Reverse Flow Control" which can be used to reverse the flows in Hysopt (supply -> return and return -> supply).This can be used in more complex ATES and BTES systems with multiple operating modes in which the flows have different directions.

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes 09 Dec 2021

  • A new thermal simulation mode for ATES and BTES systems “input mode” has been introduced, besides “sinusoidal mode” and “capacitance mode”. In this mode you can define the soil temperatures and the well temperatures via input signals.This can for example be used to inject geothermal data from software like EED (Earth Energy Designer)

  • The evaporative cooling tower model has been improved and extended with:

    • UA value recalculation

    • massflow recalculation

    • design warnings

    • simulation warnings

    • support in Pareto dashboard

    • three different variants

      • Cold supply

      • Cold release

      • Hot release

    • attention : 
      for older models using the old cooling tower,
      we advise to replace your old BC with the new "Evaporative Cooler Cold Supply (1.1)"
      all evaporative coolers can now be found in the Ambient exchange library

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes 26 Nov 2021

  • Supply and return pipes can be split.

  • Thermal losses and additional resistance can be applied to changeover and reverse return pipes.

  • Thermal losses on reverse return pipes are taken into account in Pareto.

  • Some minor bug fixes.

Changes 22 Oct 2021

  • New manufacturer specific parts are available:
    SWEP heat exchanger series B320HTH, B320LTL, B649L, B649M, B649H, B649HT, B633H, B633M, B633L, B427H, B427M1, B439H, B439M

  • Added heating and cooling energy of changeover units in the Pareto dashboard

  • Added the Cibse CP1 2020 diversity standard for DHW

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes 08 Oct 2021

  • Further increase of the resolution of the PDF files in the canvas

  • Major database upgrade

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes 24 Sep 2021

  • Resolution of the PDF files in the canvas and the export has been improved

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes 13 Sep 2021 

  • Some more parameter input help dialogs have been improved, e.g. Kv value and DHW hot water consumption.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes 27 Aug 2021 

  • We have made the CIBSE CP1 (2020) recommended pipe selection criteria. More information can be found on our wiki Select pipes.

  • It's possible again to change a canvas name. Furthermore it's possible to change the canvas type and the assigned floor plan.

  • Some parameter input help dialogs have been improved, e.g. radiator temperature regimes.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 06 Aug 2021

  • Rendering performance issues are fixed

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 23 Jul 2021

  • The electrical consumption of "grouped circuits" (manufacturer specific grouped set of components like HIU's, heat pump boosters and pump groups) are added to the Pareto reporting

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 08 Jul 2021

  • The canvas and floorplan manager is refactored and improved. Because of the refactoring, the size of the floorplan is larger and the user interface is more user-friendly. We also introduced a new popup window we can use for other applications as well.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 25 Jun 2021

  • A new BC "Wide data file" is added in which more data can be available in the software is added. More information about the data file BC can be found in New Wiki - Generators.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 11 Jun 2021

  • A new BC "Pipe end" is added and can be used when the user wants to specify a dead-end, reserve/redundant branch, future attachment, … More information can be found in Header configuration Heating.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 28 May 2021

  • The tagging mechanism has changed. Assigning and deleting tags can now be done in the new tab “Tags”. If you desire to look for a tag or ID a new search area is available on the top left corner of your canvas screen. Everything is documented on our Wiki page with the following link: Assigning tags and searching for tags and/or IDs

  • A load duration curve for electricity is added as a simulation graph for the CHPs.

  • The user can now choose if the exported floor plan is zoomed in on the schematic on the floor plan or the floor plan itself.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 30 Apr 2021

  • The look and feel of the Base Circuit library has been restyled and improved

  • The speed to create the Pareto dashboard has been doubled

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 16 Apr 2021

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 02 Apr 2021

  • New manufacturer specific parts are available:
    SWEP heat exchanger series B16DW, B85, B28, B10T, E8LAS, B15T, B320HTH, E8AS, B320LTH, B35TH0

  • The Volume Weighted and Power Weighted Return Temperature (VWRT and PWRT) are added to all sensor BCs.

  • A warning is added when implementing your data in the data file BC to specify when to set the "relativity to simulation start time" parameter. On the top right corner, there is also a link to our wiki page where everything is more thoroughly explained. (New Wiki - Generators)

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 19 Mar 2021

  • The volume calculation method for expansion vessels is separated. The pipe volume and storage vessel volume is visualised separately from the "system volume" which is calculated using the DFTK17 method of 10 liters/kW installed power.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 05 Mar 2021

  • 2 new BCs have been added, a “Design Condition Override” for both heating and cooling. These BCs have the possibility to change and lock the thermal power and/or the temperature regime. More information can be found in: System peripherals

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 19 Feb 2021

  • The Standard Tap Profile Generator BC now also has a re-randomize function. This means that in default the tap profile generator doesn’t change anymore with every new executed simulation. The user can set the re-randomize on when the tap profile in the current simulation isn’t desirable. This function was already active for the Eco-Design Tap Profile Generator.

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 05 Feb 2021

  • We added a new component : insulation on heat exchangers

  • We added the possibility to do sensitivity analysis on zone parameters,
    which can be used for (semi) automated load matching

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 22 Jan 2021

  • We added a new simulation method for DPCV's (P-control over multiple timesteps)
      which can be activated if you experience simulation difficulties with the default simulation method
      see Frequently Asked Questions for more info

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 08 Jan 2021 

  • We added the possibility to export Pareto graphs using the export icon

  • We added 2 graphs to the Pareto dashboard



  • Normal heat exchangers now have the same UA parametrization possibilities as HIU’s, so not only a lookuptable anymore

  • We added more information, and information filters on HIU's

  • Some minor bug fixes