Archive 2018

Changes as of 14-dec-2018

  • Changed image of the 3-component PICV

  • Added posibility to chasnge transparancy of pipe labels (CTRL+J)

  • Fixed browser incompatibility warning in latest version of Chrome (71)

  • Added max volume flows to the EcoDesign tappaterns

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves now have a Thermostatic actuator by default

  • Fixed bug in which DhWSatelliteUnit could raise exception in hydraulic solver

  • Added manufacturer name in BC library for HIU's

  • Improved Pump Selection rules

  • Added new Caleffi HIU's

Changes as of 2-dec-2018

  • Fixed bug when diversity calculation fails in certain situation when multiple radiators are behind the HIU

  • Improved the way capacity for radiators is calculated

  • Added new 3-pipe Base Circuits : production units, end-units, coupling with 2-pipe network, sensors

  • Decoupling of pump signals in distribution circuits (activation signal and modulation signal)

Changes as of 19-nov-2018

  • Improvements in the calculation methods for diversity of domestic hot water

  • Improvements in the aggregation calculation methods

  • Added new Pipe Labels :

    • Full visualisation of the aggregation

    • Toggle mode to switch in pipe label representation (CTRL+K)

  • Added Pipe Label scaling (CTRL+ '+') and (CTRL + '-')

  • Added pump efficiency curves to Caleffi HIU's

  • Improved the Programmable Controller Base Circuit, e.g. added the possibility to allow code comments

  • Floorplans are now included when exporting a model to file

  • Added GDPR notice

  • If a project is locked, the reason why is now displayed

  • Updated Hysopt T&C's

  • Improved Room Controller icons

  • Added Base Circuit "Pressure Independant Overflow"for cooling

Changes as of 19-okt-2018

  • Added new Base Circuit : DHW buffer without coil, applied with a heat exchanger

  • Improved System Check when combining 2 boilers in which one has a header

  • Added new Caleffi HIU's

  • Added support to import pipetypes & pressure profile in XML (instead of XML)

  • Changed unit of heat flow integrals on heatpumps

  • Radiator Valve is now automatically connected when using the auto-connect mode

  • Some improvements in the new  folder structure and project identification

  • Improved pipe selection based on maximal volume flow

  • Improved the warning when locked design pressure is smaller than computed secondary pressure "deviation from the design flow : -X%"

  • Improved the Passive mixing circuit with 3 components

  • Added proportional check on serial production BC

  • Added warning on HIU when maximum primary flow is exceeded

  • Fixed bug with links Tichelmann

  • Pipe diameters not unlocked anymore on reverse return pipes when copying

  • Heating Curve is added automatically to PI controller when using the auto-connect mode

  • Extended the dynamic label on HIU's, flloor heating and radiators

Changes as of 25-sep-2018 


Added 'pressure independent full load overflow' base circuit
Added power propagation options (regular, primary full load, both full load) to parallel production base circuits
Added cancel button in the 'Compute Design Flows' dialog
Added details and insight in the 'domestic hot water consumption' calculations for satellite units
Possibility to choose 3 simultaneous flow standards in the setting overrides : DIN1988-300 standard for appartments, hotels and hospitals
Added folder structure and project identificationEnergy reports in excel format


Updated image of passive mixing base circuit with PICV
Added labels to energy reports
Issue where simulation and partial load analysis was not possible with differential bypass valve
Issue where the maximal differential pressure is not considered

Changes as of 23-aug-2018 


New basic circuit with 3-way on-off valve for bypassing a production unit
Added pipe pressure loss on dynamic label
Added a warning to satellite unit grouped circuits where no concrete unit is selected
Added return temperatures on heat exchangers (and particularly satellite unit grouped circuits) dynamic labels
Added enhancements to component report and pump report exports: Filtering on 'labeled' components and more parameters visible


Issue where long canvas or model names caused wrapping or truncation of text
Issue where radiator with PICV model doesn't calculate effective heat flow, resulting in other calculations being off as well
Issue where Ask-a-question button was not always working
Issue where error message when primary and secondary supply temperature on satellite DHW heat exchanger were close together
Issue where sharing of folders was temporarily disabled
Issue where component list and installation reports didn't work on circuits with changeover
Issue where DXF exports weren't always working
Issue with simulation on very large buffers (>100m3)

Changes as of 4-jul-2018 


Added possibility to generate energy report in Excel
Added variable (controllable) pump on return pipe
Added control basic circuits with parameter values to the installation report
Added radiator basic circuit with pressure independent radiator valve
Internalized temperature setpoint into heating curve with displacement
Incorporated EER instead of COP for chiller basic circuit
Provided more correct support for hydronic balance for thermostatic radiator valves


Issue where monthly aggregates didn't always include last month of the simulated year
Issue where heat pump temperature on evaporator side was incorporated incorrectly
Issue where warning was not clear when UA-value was incompatible with power and regime settings for heat exchanger
Issue where alt-click on floorplan zones didn't select all zones
Issue with actual flow rates and pump selection for changeover six-way valve when KVS values for heating and cooling differed
Issue where default KV-value on changeover radiator was nonrealistic
Issue where control connections on room controllers where not clearly distinguishable

Changes as of 3-mei-2018 


Load duration curves on all sensor and production models
Rework CHP implementation to have automatic propagation of design heat flow
Rework heat pump implementation to have design heat flow automatically filled out based on system data
Rework thermal storage with one input and one output to propagate design data
End unit with heat flow as an output to do high level load-matching simulations


Issue where Sensor basic circuit had oscillating heat flow measurements due to delay on the temperature measurements
Issue where domestic hot water tapping connection heights were swapped
Issue where combining heating collector bypass with cooling systems resulted in strange warnings
Issue where heat flows in plots and reporting were negative for cooling systems
Issue where a KV value of zero resulted in cryptic bugs
Issue where some warnings should have been errors on satellite units

Changes as of 5-apr-2018


Added manufacturer specific component selection to heatflow controlled boiler 
Added energy integral value to sensor basic circuit
Issue where collector bypass and pump with balancer computed flow rates incorrectly


Issue where PLA label visualization was broken and caused UI crashes
Issue where graphs with negative values sometimes weren't centered along the Y-axis
Issue where multiple series from the same component appeared in the same color in graphs
Issue where DHW buffer tapping flow was used incorrectly

Changes as of 15-mrt-2018 


Change parallel production basic circuit to allow for full-load propagation to both gates
Changed hybrid production in series basic circuits to allow for full load propagation to auxiliary gate


Issue where password reset on deleted and resurrected email addresses did not work

Changes as of 1-mrt-2018 


Added operation to automatically and simultaneously rescale regime AND radiator power 
Added backflow preventer and balancer to basic circuits with pumps
Added pressure drop over each component to dynamic labels (where previously only some components had their pressure drop advertised)
Added fluid linear velocity (meter/second) to dynamic labels on piping
Added true backflow preventer functionality to basic circuits with pump and backflow preventer
Added basic circuit for collector overflow with backflow preventer
Added hourly integration base for integral plots
Added passive mixing basic circuit for changeover systems


Issue where reverse return systems had a strange way of publishing pressure losses in pump selection report
Issue where mouse targetting of dynamic labels was off
Issue where buffer primary regime couldn't be changed to arbitrarily large or small temperatures
Issue where boiler temperature was incorrectly updated on small flow rates
Issue where basic circuit search on identifier functionality was broken
Issue where drag flow hybrid on return didn't function correctly in cooling setting
Issue where pump calculation was wrong for systems with collector short-circuit and reasonable hydraulic resistance on the collector
Issue where default P-action of room controller should be 2

Changes as of 15/01/2018


Auto-connect mode to enable easier and faster drawing
More intuitive and useful parameters on drag flow hybrid production basic circuits
Premix valve basic circuit
Thermal storage on the return pipe for cooling applications
Exports graph data as Excel format instead of comma-separated-values (CSV)
Navigate to basic circuits, connections and zones by identifier from tag search box

Feature released internally (for testing purposes)

Initial changeover system support
Comparing model versions
Implementation of a three-component PICV combination basic circuits
Implementation of zero load overflow basic circuit
Added import/export to file functionality


Issues with KV-value calculator
Issue where maximal power of production units was always overridden by the system power, maximal power now lockable
Issue where temperature control PI controller default proportional band value was too small
Issue where efficiency tables for boilers could no longer be uploaded
Issue where check on maximal fluid velocity when selecting pipes was not always enforced
Issue where zone volume to power was in m³/W instead of W/m³
Issue where units were not exchangeable in satellite unit parametrization
Issue where balanced and unbalanced pressures were always identical when using radiator valves and settable lockshields