Projects from start to finish

The next section details a step-by-step guide to 2 types of projects you can perform with the Hysopt software. These projects are used daily by the Hysopt delivery team and hence, can be used as a solid baseline to start using the Hysopt software. These pages also hold valuable information on load matching, pump sizing, etc.

  • Conceptual study

    • The conceptual study is used to execute high-level checks for changes to energy centers, for example implementing heat pumps in an installation. The installation will be drawn more simplistically to save on simulation time, for example, by combining a full radiator circuit into 3 radiators. In the following paragraphs, the Hysopt basic methodology is explained.

  • Detail study

    • A detailed model is also referred to as a full digital twin, where the entire location will be drawn in as accurately as possible. Depending on the project this can be the implementation of floor plans throughout the building, with every radiator drawn, connected through pipework exactly as you would find in the real situation.

It’s important to note that the methods explained in this section aren’t the only way to utilize the Hysopt software, these should be used as a guideline throughout the first projects and then be optimised towards personal preferences.