Archive 2019

Changes as of 27 Dec 2019 

  • the French diversity standard DTU 60.11 has been added

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 13 Dec 2019 

Changes as of 28 Nov 2019 

  • This release was all about Geothermal Energy Storage.
    See following link for the release notes :

  • The "single click" functionality throughout the user interface. All actions to load or save a model or to start a calculation, now only require one click, increasing your efficiency even more

  • Added new 

    • 'Comparator' Base Circuit to compare signals visually and rise notifications at disallowed deviations

  • Improvements in the browser compatibility check

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 15 Nov 2019 

  • A room controller economizer for comfort optimization has been added.
    Watch the demo movie on the Hysopt Wiki page about controllers.

  • New manufacturer specific parts available from Flamco :

    • balance valve series

      • Initus

      • Fluctus

      • Vertex

    • dirt separators and deaerators

      • Flamco Clean Smart

      • Flamco Clean Smart Air and Dirt

      • Flamcovent Smart

      • Flamcovent Clean Smart

      • Flamcovent Clean Smart Air and Dirt

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 31 Oct 2019 

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 18 Oct 2019 

  • Add visualisation of thermal losses and heatflow values on pipes

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 04 Oct 2019 

  • Added new Base Circuits:

    • Programmable controller with 32 inputs/outputs

  • Added a new diversity calculation method for Domestic Hot Water, according to the French Costic MTA 2016

  • ILS (Imposed Load Simulation) Base Circuits now display the energy used, both for central heating, as for domestic hot water

  • HIU's (Heat Interface Units) now display the primary heatflow for Domestic Hot Water

  • Improvement in the calculation of the electric energy usage of the chillers

  • Added calculation and visualization of primary heatflow on all thermal buffers

  • Added calculation and visualization of secondary heatflow on all Domestic Hot Water thermal buffers

  • Improved visualization of the Constant control Base Circuit

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 19 Sep 2019 

  • Added new Base Circuits:

    • Dynamic Zoneless Radiator (for heating)

  • Updated look & feel

    • New login screen

    • Small layout changes

  • Excel download and upload for pipe types and pressure profiles

  • Added possibility to enable or disable re-randomization each simulation on RTS blocks

  • Improvement of balance valve part selection

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 06 Sep 2019

  • Added new Base Circuits:

    • Thermal Storage on Return Pipe (for heating)

    • Building with Indirect HIU's for Imposed Load Simulation (ILS)

  • Added possibility to enable or disable re-randomization each simulation on ILS building blocks (both for heating as for DHW)

  • Improved DHW tap profile generation

  • Extended the documentation on Imposed Load Simulation and District Heating

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 23 Aug 2019

  • Energy report changes

    • HP and HP Booster are reported separately

    • Ice storage tank power has been added

    • Formulas for produced heating and cooling are more accurate now

  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes as of 09 Aug 2019

  • Added new Base Circuits:

    • Delay Operator

    • Calculated Design Power

  • Improvements

    • Less strict validation on day/night setpoint for cooling

    • support for regression tests on simulation values

Changes as of 26 Jul 2019

This release was all about the new energy report.
An example of this energy report can be found here.

  • New energy report, including :

    • Summary of all energy aspects of the model

    • Installed power per production unit type

    • Installed power contribution per production unit type

    • Heating system load

    • Cooling system load

    • Parasitic energy heating

    • Parasitic energy cooling

    • Production unit analysis, including :

      • Usefull heat (kWh)

      • Electricity production (kWh)

      • Fuel consumption (kWh)

      • Thermal efficiency (%)

      • Electrical efficiency (%)

      • Operating time (h)

      • Number of start/stops (#)

      • Average continuous operating time (h)

    • Delivered heating contributions

    • Delivered cooling contributions

    • Energy analysis, including :

      • Gas consumption (kWh)

      • Electricity consumption (kWh)

      • Electricity production (kWh)

      • Total energy consumption (kWh)

      • Primary energy consumption (kWh)

      • System efficiency (%)

      • PER (%)

      • RPES (%)

    • Energy cost analysis. including :

      • Gas consumption cost (€)

      • Electricity consumption cost (€)

      • Electricity production reduced cost (€)

      • Total energy cost (€)

    • CO2 emission

  • CHP : calculation and visualisation of number of starts/stops, active hours, etc

  • Added thermal capacity on ILS building blocks to support low temperature regimes

  • Added plot of the "system fingerprint" to the Sensor base circuit

  • Improvement in visualisation of pipe length

  • Added support to scale base circuits (ALT+ and ALT-)

  • Improved pipe labeling

  • Added CIBSE CP1.2 diversity calculation method for space heating 

  • Added new integration mode to capture last simulation value

Changes as of 12 Jul 2019

  • Added ILS (Imposed Load Simulation) user documentation on the Hysopt Wiki 

  • Simulation horizon support up to 20 years

  • multiple ILS (Imposed Load Simulation) improvements,
    e.g. detection of inconsistency between diversity standard for central heating, and heating patterns on a building

  • Improved regression tests : support for more types of "design calculations" and now execute all design calculations

Changes as of 24 Jun 2019

This release was all about District Heating.
See following link for the release notes :

  • Added support for City Plans

  • Added new Base Circuits : 

    • Buildings with heating (see this page for more info)

    • Buildings with heating and direct HIU's

  • Added Imposed Load Simulation technique (see this page for more info)

  • Added Diversity for central heating

  • Added Advanced aggregation, including aggregation over regime-changing Base Circuits

  • Added multiple Diversity calculation methods for domestic hot water

  • Added Diversity calculation support for space heating (logaritmic calculation method)

  • Added support for multiple setpoint profiles

  • Tripled the simulation calculation speed

  • Added new Base Circuits : Dwelling Indicator (see this page for more info)

  • Added indication of number of dwellings in the dynamic pipe labels

  • Support for advanced Energy Centre Design

  • Support to find Economic and ecologic optimum

  • Added automatic software error reporting to central server

  • Added Expert Settings tab (only for Expert Users)

  • Activated GEO MODE Analysis, and set by default

  • Added new Base Circuit : dynamic zoneless cooling unit

  • Changed PMC selection mode : maximum one manufacturer

Changes as of 19 Apr 2019

  • Added visualisation of DHW return temperature on HIU dynamic labels

  • Better visualisation of room controllers

  • When navigating through a link, the browser now focuses on the endpoint

  • Some improvements on the way HIU's are calculated during design calculation 

Changes as of 18 Mar 2019

  • Recalculation of UA values of heat exchangers now already done during design flow calculation.
    This way the correct return temoerature is already desplayed during the first design calculatuion

  • Improved the CTRL+H functonality to switch base circuits

  • Some bug fixes, including simulation crash when proportional head pumps are used

Changes as of 23 Feb 2019

  • Added new Base Circuit : Programable Controller with 16 inputs and outputs

  • Added new Base Circuits : On-off room controller with hysteresis (for heating and for cooling)

  • Fixed issue with slow performance during floorplan visualisation:
    when a floorplan has been loaded, it will not be reloaded anymore when doing save or after doing calculations

  • Added support to balance manufacturer specific radiator valves with presets

  • Chagned default DHW regime for HIU's to 15-60 degrees and 0,6l/min

  • Fixed issue : if pump gets a zero signal, energy becomes NANkWh

Changes as of 02 Feb 2019

  • Added new new Base Circuit : Dynamic Radiator Valve

  • Added units to excel export of a graph

  • Fixed bug in which pump head and pump efficiency could not be calculated when pump modulation is zero

  • Added possibility to enable/disable visualisation of floorplans (CTRL+B)

  • Added new Base Circuit : I/O Base Circuit

  • Possibility to enable random coloring on plots

  • Multiple improvements on the 3 Pipe Base Circuits and simulation calculations

  • Added new Caleffi Dynamic Radiator Valves and new Caleffi HIU's