Supply temperature mismatch


This error can occure during the action(s) :


In following example model, the two radiators are designed with a different temperature regime :

  • radiator 1 : 70°C/50°C

  • radiator 2 : 60°C/40°C

On the dividing node, we see the “Supply temperature mismatch“ error.


It is physically impossible to have multiple design supply temperatures on the dividing node. Fluid that enters the node, will have the same temperature in both outgoing branches.

How to fix

This error needs to be fixed on the secondary side (downstream) of the dividing node.

Check the supply temperatures that you entered downstream of the node, and make sure that all supply temperatures become equal.

Possible solutions :

  • adapt the design supply temperatures directly on the or regime changing base circuits like , , …

  • introduce regime changing base circuits, like , , …

  • (expert) introduce the base circuit

Additional info

Before October 2022, this error only resulted in a warning in the software. From October 2022, we treat this issue as an error, because due to this mismatch, it is impossible to correctly calculate upstream design flows.