Heat pump booster

A heat pump booster needs the same parameters as a ‘regular’ heat pump. https://hysopt.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/HRM/pages/3089204173

  • Parameters in Base circuit

    • Design power

    • Reference evaporator temperature

    • Reference condenser temperature

  • Tables:

    • COP table

    • Power table

  • Activation/modulation signal

The evaporator temperature is not given as a separate input signal (as is the case in the regular heat pump) but is propagated in simulation.

In addition, a ‘Primary design heat flow’ and a ‘Primary design regime’ need to be defined. These are quite complex and are easy to make mistakes on. The regime and heat flow to be filled in is the actual heat supplied to the evaporator side with the right regime to supply that heat.

In case this is not known, an assumption for COP and EER can be used to recalculate the evaporator temperature. For example: For a booster heat pump with a designed power of 200 kW at the condenser side, with an assumed COP of 3 and an assumed EER of 4, the primary design heat flow at the evaporator side can be calculated as:

200 * 3 / 4 = 150 kW

Note that the evaporator side should always be smaller than the condenser side.

The primary design regime must be filled in such that it’s in coherence with the temperature regime further upstream the booster heat pump.