Composite Base Circuits


One of the recent additions to the Hysopt Base Circuit Library is the Composite Base Circuits. These BCs, as the name would suggest, are composed of several components and align closely to some of the commercial offerings for combined units available in the market.

They differ in the fact that normal Base Circuits are composed of individual components, that can be individually selected through the "Optimize pumps and valves" computation.

An example of this is the Active Mixing circuit. The Active Mixing circuit consists of a pump, 3-way mixing valve, two balance valves, and, a temperature sensor. Each can be individually selected based on its parameter values and the part criteria supplied.

The Thermostatic regulating unit, for instance, is a composite BC that has the same hydraulic configuration as the Active Mixing circuit. Internally it also has a pump, 3-way mixing valve, two balance valves, and a temperature sensor, however, the only component that can be selected is the Thermostatic regulating unit part itself. 

Composite BCs, therefore, offer a way of designing systems based on not only individual hydronic components, but rather using off-the-shelf combined units as is becoming commonplace in the market today.

Types of Composite Base Circuits

Thermal regulating/Direct supply units

Direct supply Unit

Thermostatic regulating Unit

Motorized regulating Unit

Separator + Collector