Meter boxes

Meter boxes allow you to measure the electricity and/or fuel consumption, production, import, and export over multiple base circuits, over multiple canvasses, and if desired over a full model.


The electricity meter box and fuel meter box can be found in the Control library

Assigning production and consumption

From Base Circuits

You can assign any base circuit that produces or consumes electricity (or fuel) to an electricity (or fuel) meter.
Assigning Base Circuits over multiple canvasses is also supported.
To assign (or unassign) a Base Circuit to a meter, follow the next steps :

  1. Click the assign (or unassign) button in the menu bar

2. Click on a Base Circuit, then click on the meter. Repeat for all Base Circuits that you want to assign.

Here you can see a short movie demonstrating the “assign“ and “unassign“ functionality.

From additional consumption and production data

If you like, you can add additional consumption or production data (which does not necessarily have to come from the HVAC system) by using the additional control input parameters.

Auto assignable meter boxes

We also have auto assignable meter boxes, marked with the letter “A“. These boxes are automatically assigned to all energy consuming or energy producing base circuits.

Data, graphs, and excel export

After simulation, you can see the exported, imported, consumed, and produced electricity/fuel.

Detailed info about the related Base Circuits is added to the transient graphs and the excel exports.