Changeover systems

Oftentimes, you will find units that are connected for both heating and cooling through 6-way valves or similar arrangements. For this situation, the following Base Circuits are used.

From left to right these are:

  1. changeover with two-way valves

  2. changeover with pressure independent control valves

  3. changeover with flow regulators

  4. changeover with six-way valves

Each valve shown in the Base Circuit can be changed (KV, KVS, …)

There are two connections available (one for heating, shown as a red arrow, and one for cooling, shown as a blue arrow) that need to be connected to have a successful calculation.


On the right-hand side is the single connection, which can be connected to one distribution system with a pump or the end unit, shown below.

The information to implement here is similar compared to heating/cooling separated.